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Become a Storyville volunteer

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About the Equity Professional Program

The Equity Foundation was established in 2002 to oversee Equity’s publications and professional development program. The aims and objectives of the Foundation are to advance the interests of professional performers and performance in Australia, and the interests of the Equity section of the Alliance.

The Foundation reports to the National Performers Committee whose membership is formed by performers around the country. Simon Burke is the Equity President.

Our professional program is developed in close collaboration with these and other performers throughout the country.  All have identified how important it is to have opportunity to work with key creatives and to continue developing crucial skills.

Our program is constantly changing as we evaluate and refine the existing program and accommodate feedback and suggestions from performers who have participated in the program and those who would like to.

If you have an idea you would like us to consider send us an email here.

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Keep up to date with all things Equity with The Equity Magazine. Make sure your details are up to date at MEAA.ORG or call MEAA Member Central on 1300 65 65 12.