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Jill Perryman and Kevan Johnston honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

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Actors Equity is thrilled to announce that Jill Perryman and Kevan Johnston are the joint recipients of the 2013 Equity Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Foxtel.

Jill Kevan 1 Kevan and Jill. Photo courtesy of Trudy Dunn


Actors Equity president Simon Burke said: “Together Jill and Kevan have sung, danced and acted their way into our hearts for six decades. They receive this prestigious award not only because of their remarkable careers in the Australian entertainment industry but for being inspiring friends, teachers and mentors to countless performers within our community.”

jill kevan 2Kevan and Jill. Photo courtesy of Trudy Dunn

Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein said: “From everyone at Foxtel we would like to warmly congratulate Jill and Kevan on their well-deserved win. As one of Australia’s best loved theatrical couples they have contributed enormously to the strength and vibrancy of Australia’s entertainment industry. We think that a strong and healthy creative industry is key to the success of Australian companies like Foxtel, and is a win for all Australians who love to be entertained.”

Todd McKenney was among the many Australian performers who nominated Kevan and Jill for the award.

“Both Jill and Kevan have not only inspired millions of theatre goers in Australia due to their brilliant performances in a vast number of shows but more importantly they have continued to encourage young theatrical stars of the future to follow their dreams. On a personal note, Kevan taught me to 'dance like a bloke' and Jill amazed me every time I watched her perform on TV, stage or in concert. Working opposite Jill inThe Boy From Oz will always be one of the most wonderful memories for me.”

Lisa Sontag and Natalie Alexopoulos who also nominated Jill and Kevan said their “care, wisdom and grace could not have been a better introduction” to the Australian theatre world.

Lisa, a WAAPA graduate, worked with Jill on The Boy From Oz. Natalie was cast in her first professional role out of WAAPA as Kevan and Jill’s daughter in On Our Selection at Tranby House in Perth.

Jill and Kevan were selected from many nominees by Equity’s National Performers Committee.

“Jill and Kevan first met during 1953 in a production of Call Me Madam at Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne. The profoundly touching and irresistible thing about this year's recipients is that we are honouring a partnership that has inspired us all offstage and on, for sixty wonderful years.” says Burke.

This award was launched in 2009 with the generous support of Foxtel. Past recipients include Peter Carroll, Bob Hornery, Maggie Dence and Ron Haddrick.

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