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Learn the art of self-testing from some of the best casting directors in the world


Screentesting for Pilot Season in LA

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The Equity Foundation is giving MEAA Equity members the opportunity to attend a two-day masterclass with US actor/teacher Joshua Bitton when he visits Australia in 2018. 


SYDNEY: January 12 & January 13, 10am-5pm. Apply here.

MELBOURNE: January 15 & January 16, 10am-5pm. Apply here.

Pilot season is a quick person's game. Auditions come quickly, and audition rooms move at a breakneck pace. One to two takes if an actor is lucky. Come learn to break scripts down, bring them to life, and make choices that embrace your authenticity. Josh will help prepare you for the pace of LA. Learn to use the page not as a crutch, but as a road map for your auditions.

Josh has worked with Nicole Da Silva, Hamish Michael, Josh Helman, Ashley Zukerman, Cal Mickey, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Omar Benson Miller, and many more. As an actor he has appeared on over three dozen tv shows (the Mentalist, Castle) and many films. He teaches classes in NYC and LA.

*Please note this masterclass is for actors who have been or are intending to be part of Pilot Season.
*This is a TWO DAY commitment. Please don't apply unless you can attend BOTH days

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