Casting Day With Allison Meadows

27 Jul 2013
10:00:00 -  17:00:00
The registration period is from 03 Jul 2013 09:00:00 to 19 Jul 2013 00:00:00

Event description:

A terrific opportunity to join one of Australia’s leading casting Allison Meadows, Senior Casting Director, Mullinars (Sydney)  for a full day -day working on  your casting skills. 20 Equity financial members will work intensively with Allison.  Each attendee will have a quick read through, then record a take and then review the footage and discuss the performance. All participants will be able to observe this process.  The delegates will be asked to bring their own audition piece to work on with the casting director. Everyone will be asked to bring a scene from television or film rather than theatre.

Allison Meadows
Allison is a Senior Casting Director with Mullinars Casting Consultants. After graduating from Theatre Nepean she spent several years working as a drama teacher and theatrical agent then moved into casting in 1993. In her position as Casting Director at George Patterson Bates Advertising, she worked with many of Australia's leading commercial directors. In 2002 Allison joined the award winning team at Mullinars where she now casts a wide range of feature and short films, television projects and local and international commercials.



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