Shakespearean Masterclass With Kristin Linklater




15 Feb 2014
10:00:00 -  17:00:00
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Event description:

Brief description: 
A unique opportunity for WA financial Equity members to take part in a six hour masterclass with renowned Shakespearean voice teacher Kristin Linklater. This is an opportunity to explore the process of comprehending and speaking the words of William Shakespeare with a detailed series of exercises and analysis of characters’ speech and rythms to increase each participants understanding of the language and make the words their own.

Our sincere thanks to Black Swan Theatre Company and the University of Western Australia (UWA)     

Bio of host: 
Kristin Linklater is a founding member and the artistic director of The Linklater Centre for Voice and Language. She is a world-renowned teacher; Linklater Voice is one of the leading methodologies of voice training in theatre today. Linklater is Professor of Theater Arts and currently serves as Head of Acting, Graduate Theatre Division at Columbia University in New York City.  Her work is most widely known through her books Freeing the Natural Voice (1976) and Freeing Shakespeare’s Voice (1992). Teachers trained by her are employed in almost all of the professional actor-training programs in the United States.



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