An Introduction To The Lecoq Actor Training Method With Yasmin Gurreeboo

25 Aug 2014
19:00:00 -  22:00:00
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Event description:


Jasmine Gurreeboo will lead a workshop that will be a selection of the exercises undertaken by students at the Lecoq school. They will spread from the neutral mask, improvisation, characterisation, non verbal communication and the actor's body. Everyone will discuss their purpose and how they might be useful for actors.

Bio of host:
Yasmin is a director, theatre maker, story gatherer, producer, activist, performer, a wannabe writer and most importantly a mother. After studying Drama at Exeter University, she went on to train at Jacques Lecoq International theatre school in Paris. Her work is always physical, and she is passionate about telling true stories. Yasmin is currently Associate Director for Images of Elsewhere Theatre, UK; the Artistic Director for Foul Play, a new South Australian theatre company focusing on the reimaging of classic texts in non-theatrical settings and the Co-Producer for the Directors’ Collective South Australia (DSCA), a professional development programme for theatre directors in South Australia.




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