The Acting Process: A Phenomenological Approach

28 Sep 2012
10:00:00 -  04:00:00
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Event description:

This is a one-day workshop for re-invigorating some of the basic principles of acting, from a phenomenological perspective.
Phenomenology is the study of 'phenomena' - of how things appear in our experience of them, and therefore what meanings things have in our experience of them. This one-day workshop will re-visit the way we operate as sensory beings in our world. As actors, we need to constantly be aware of our body in both real and imaginary spaces and places: this workshop aims to revitalise the sensory awareness that informs our physical and emotional choices.
Participants should dress in comfortable clothing, with flat-heeled shoes or sneakers. Some exercises may be mildly physically demanding.
Bio of Host

Nicholas Hope has worked for the past 25 years as an actor in theatre, film and TV around the world. He won an AFI for his performance in Rolf De Heer's 'Bad Boy Bubby' and was nominated for the Norwegian Amanda Award for his role in Bent Hamer's 'Water Easy Reach'. Nicholas has a PhD in Performance Studies from The University of Sydney.



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