Casting Hothouse New Zealand

20 Nov 2012 -  22 Nov 2012
01:00:00 -  05:00:00
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Event description:

There are only 40 places available. It will be open to both members and non-members of Actors Equity. The screening process will be rigorous with applications selected by a panel of experienced industry practitioners.   

All applicants will receive a confirmation that Equity has received their application for consideration. If you do not receive an email with your application number, contact

This is a big investment from Equity with major support from the New Zealand Film Commission and Showcast so only participants who are able to fully commit to the two and a half days should apply. The agenda of the two and a half days has been carefully designed to ensure 40 members get maximum exposure to all opportunities so attending for only part of the time is not possible. 

When you apply you will need to submit your bio and photo as one pdf document. If you are a member of Showcast please upload your Showcast bio and photo as one pdf document. If you wish to use your Showcast cv/photo for your Casting Hothouse application then go to  your Showcast profile page, click the print option under actions, and that creates a PDF file which you can save to your computer and then attach). If you are not a member of Showcast then please upload a biography including headshot in one complete document – in pdf format-maximum two pages please. The bios/photos need to be formatted for easy viewing by each of the casting directors in order to allocate specific scenes.  You can join Showcast by clicking on



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