Media Training For Indie Theatre Actors: NSW

19 Mar 2018
18:00:00 -  21:00:00
The registration period is from 28 Feb 2018 09:00:00 to 19 Mar 2018 23:00:00

Event description:

Do you want to know how to do a great interview that will help sell tickets to your indie theatre production? This three hour course is divided into two sessions, a short information session followed by a much longer practical session, interspersed with tips and advice. You will take part in or observe at least three “real life” media interviews. These tips will be useful for print, radio and television interviews. 

You will learn:
-How to prepare for an interview like a boss.
-What kinds of questions arts interviewers might ask you.
-How to steer the interview. 
-How to talk about the production - from new works to the classics.
-How to talk about your craft - acting, writing, directing.
-How to entice an audience to come and see your show.
-How to tell your personal life story without giving too much away.
-How to say no comment to a reporter.
-What pitfalls to avoid.

Bio of host:
Elissa Blake is an arts journalist with over 20 years experience with Fairfax (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age). She was the editor of Rolling Stone Australia for five years (1999-2004) and is now the co-editor of new arts platform Elissa is a career interview journalist. She has extensive interview experience with high profile actors including Cate Blanchett, Ben Mendelsohn, Leah Purcell, Marta Dusseldorp as well as emerging actors being interviewed for the first time. She has also interviewed artistic directors, festival directors, playwrights, dancers, choreographers, opera singers, conductors and many creatives working behind-the-scenes.

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