Acting Masterclass With Howard Fine

14 Jul 2018 -  15 Jul 2018
09:00:00 -  18:30:00
The registration period is from 06 Jun 2018 09:00:00 to 10 Jul 2018 21:00:00

Event description:

A unique opportunity for NZ Equity members to take part in a two day masterclass with US acting teacher Howard Fine. Each full day of the program consists of a rigorous exploration of technique as Howard Fine works with an ensemble of actors on preselected scenes.

Background and Preparation: Before the Master Class, Howard will dedicate time to selecting and pairing an ensemble of actors, who will then rehearse and work on preselected scenes using the techniques outlined in Howard’s book, ‘Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft’. The ensemble will then work intensively with Howard work-shopping their scene in the public forum of the Master Class. This scene work acts as an entry point for actors and auditors to explore Howard’s technique, lessons and processes. For participants and auditors alike, the Master Class represents not only a fantastic learning opportunity but also provides the best possible introduction into the work, techniques and ethos of The Studio.

Please note: This class will be open to "Auditors" so any work the successful applicant does with Howard will be in front of a group of fellow Equity members.

Bio of host: For over a quarter of a century, Howard Fine has built an unshakeable reputation as one of the most gifted acting teachers of his generation. Unique among his contemporaries, Howard is an award-winning acting coach, an award-winning author on acting and is the head of an award-winning acting studio. He has personally coached many of the world’s most notable, recognisable and decorated actors, including Jennifer Connelly, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, and Oscar winner Jared Leto. As the Creative Director of two permanent studios, Howard Fine splits his time between Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia.

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