Role-play Skills Session With Lisa Peers

18 Sep 2018
18:00:00 -  20:00:00
The registration period is from 04 Sep 2018 09:00:00 to 18 Sep 2018 22:00:00

Event description:

Learn tips and tricks for how to use your acting skills to earn money working in corporate role-play, while helping people to communicate better at work. Hear what actors can bring to communication skills training: Authenticity – knowledge of human behavior and personal impact in a business setting. Powerful learning; how we challenge and support people to be their best selves. Consistency; playing the same role multiple times. Feedback; immediate, candid and useful, based on the actor’s training in non-verbal behaviour. We support staff to be the star! Practice some typical role-play scenarios, and experience the work first hand, and how to be an effective role-player.

Bio of host:
Lisa Peers, an actor, director and founder of Peers and Players Corporate Actors has provided professional talent and expertise for leadership assessment and training programs globally since 1998.

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