Nine good reasons to belong to Actors Equity Australia

1 Join the Equity community and be part of the generations of performers who have campaigned and won residuals, overtime penalty rates, standard contracts and superannuation that today’s Australian performers enjoy.

2 The only way to improve working conditions is by standing together as a group, and campaigning with other performers for a better deal.

3 Make a difference. Stand up and have a say about the sort of industry you want to be a part of.

4 Equity gets heard. We use our influence to lobby governments and other industry bodies to support and promote Australian performers.

5 The Alliance and Equity represent performer members in Australia and now also in New Zealand on all industrial matters including negotiating our awards and agreements and providing advice on contracts.

6 By joining Equity you join the community of actors across the world, Australian Equity works alongside other performer unions across the world including the Screen Actors Guild, American Actors Equity, British Equity and Canadian Actors Equity.

7 Keep up to date. Equity leads the way in fighting for industry standards for performers in live performance, and recorded media, especially in the field of new media.

8 Get involved with the Equity Foundation, come along to a masterclass, become a mentor for another performer, share your knowledge at Graduates Day, or write for the Equity magazine.

9 Wherever you work, Equity is there. We have national agreements, standard contracts, offices in each state, a web presence, weekly Equity e-bulletins, and a team of professional staff who can provide advice and assistance on the sorts of things that affect you as a performer.

You can join Equity by following this link to the Alliance web site.


The Equity Magazine


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