What is the Alliance?

The Alliance – which includes Actors Equity –  is the union and professional organisation that covers everyone in the media, entertainment, sports and arts industries. Our members include people working in television, radio, theatre and film, entertainment venues and recreation grounds, as journalists, actors, dancers, sportspeople, cartoonists and photographers, orchestral and opera performers, as well as people working in public relations, advertising, book publishing and website production.

Building on our proud history we aim to empower the people who inform and entertain Australia through:

  • Collective bargaining - The Alliance negotiates collective agreements at workplaces to set and safeguard fair pay rates and working conditions.
  • Campaigning - The Alliance campaigns for better pay, conditions and rights. It campaigns to strengthen the media and entertainment industries through government funding, policies and laws including press freedom, Australian television and film content, occupational health and safety, public broadcasting and arts funding.
  • Community building - The Alliance works to build the community of the people who inform and entertain Australia by creating networks, training, professional development and building power at work.
  • Communicating - The Alliance provides advice and information to all members about their industry and their individual and collective rights at work. Through a combination of regular magazines, training sessions and events, weekly e-bulletins, reports, submissions, information booklets, fact sheets and the Alliance website, members are kept informed about their workplaces and their industries.
  • Capacity building – The Alliance works to utilise its resources in the most economical way to achieve the best results possible for its members. This involves activist training for members as well as constantly improving staff organisation and development.

What do we stand for?

The Alliance works according to a set of principles we believe are important. As the industrial landscape changes and our very existence comes under threat, these become more important. Things like collective action, safeguarding Australian identity and democracy, equal opportunity and fair working conditions for all.


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