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X-Men for Oz

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The latest instalment in the X-Men franchise,The Wolverine, will begin filming in Sydney in August, with Hugh Jackman reprising the title role. The Wolverine was secured by a combination of Federal and NSW Government incentives and is expected to generate more than 720 jobs for cast and crew, and 1,200 jobs for extras.

“I couldn’t be more excited to return to Australia to film the next chapter in the Wolverine saga, thanks to the significant support from the Federal and NSW Governments,” Jackman said in a statement.
“It will be great to work with the highly talented crew and to provide employment opportunities to so many people at all levels of the industry.”

To attract The Wolverine to Australia, the Gillard Government granted the producers a one-off payment of $12.8 million, which effectively increased the existing Location Offset to 30 per cent for this feature film.

“It is heartening that the Federal Government has responded to calls from the Alliance and other film-industry organisations for increased incentives to compensate for the high Australian dollar,” says Equity director Sue McCreadie.

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