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whitney richards websiteWhitney Richards reads to primary school children as part of the Storyville program

Storyville is the Equity Foundation’s new literacy initiative, which harnesses the talent of performers to encourage children to read. Storyville targets schools with socio-economic disadvantage or where for a majority of students, English is a second language. Storyville is modelled on the hugely successful SAG-AFTRA Foundation BookPALS program in the U.S, where volunteer actors read to over 100, 000 children in schools, hospitals, libraries and social service agencies each month.

 How does it work?
The program sees Australian performers visit primary schools weekly on a volunteer basis to read aloud to a class of K/Prep-Year 2 students. We train performers and then connect them with participating schools. Research shows that one of the best predictors of children’s success in learning to read, is being read to aloud. The program provides a unique opportunity for performers, gifted in the art of storytelling, to spark a love of reading in children and give back to their local communities.
We need you!
Join performers such as Benita Collings, Peter Hayes and Natalie Saleeba and become a Storyville volunteer today. Storyville not only provides a unique opportunity for you to educate and inspire children , it also gives performers a chance to set time aside each week to use for their own professional development. Use this time to try out material, work on voices, timing and projection. There is no better audience than that of a child to give honest and unbridled feedback. It’s education for all. Research shows volunteers live happier and healthier lives, another great reason to become involved in this wonderful program!
Contact Storyville’s National Literacy Manager, Diane Cameron for more information and to register: or call 03 9691 7110.

Storyville is proudly supported by the Pratt Foundation.



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