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Who better to bring the magic of stories to life than performers? The Equity Foundation is developing a program that harnesses the talent of performers to encourage children to read. Research shows that one of the best predictors of children’s success in learning to read is being read to aloud.

StoryvilleNatalie Saleeba reads to school childres as part of The Equity Foundation's Storyville pilot

Storyville is based on a successful US program called BookPALS. Founded in 1993, performers freely give their time and talent to read aloud to more than 100,000 children in US schools and hospitals each week

The Equity Foundation recently conducted a pilot of Storyville at a school in Sydney. Equity member and House Husbands star Natalie Saleeba (pictured) did a wonderful job of reading to the Kinder and Grade 1 classes.

Saleeba says: “In a world where Twitter is king and our concentration spans and ability to follow narratives appears to be sadly diminishing, Storyville is not only worthwhile but an essential program encouraging the next generation of students and teachers to rediscover the magical world of literature.”

This successful pilot was held to show potential funders of the importance of the program.

The Equity Foundation aims to roll the program out across Australia, particularly focusing on schools in areas with economic or social disadvantage.

If you would like to be involved in the project please contact Helen Kim, Storyville Admin Co-ordinator, helen.kim@equityfoundation.org.au 


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