Health & Wellbeing Day in Adelaide

This free full-day event is an opportunity to gather in-person as an industry and explore the unique health and wellbeing issues associated with being a creative professional and how our industry can survive and thrive post-Covid.

Attendees will leave with invaluable tools to navigate their careers while staying healthy and well.

Thursday June 3, 2021.
South Australian Film Corporation.
Morning tea and lunch provided.
Open to all members of the industry.
Register here.
Please note: If you would only like to attend one or two sessions you still need to register via the link provided.

10am: Welcome and Acknowledgment of Country

10.15am:The Creative Mind
Working in the entertainment industry involves unique challenges. Those who are actors and creators have unique strengths and vulnerabilities that help them in their work but can also lead to anxiety and depression. Understanding how to manage or “navigate” these vulnerabilities helps artists to develop resilience and stay healthy and well. This session will help you understand how you are uniquely wired and how you can best manage the challenges of the industry.
Dr Julie Crabtree, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Author of The Creative Mind

11.15 am: Morning Tea (provided)

11.45 am: Where to now?
A chance to reflect on the issues that the industry is facing post COVID. This panel of industry leaders will discuss where we are now and where we need to head to ensure that the creative industries survive and thrive.
Kate Croser, Chief Executive Officer, South Australian Film Corporation
Mitchell Butel, Artistic Director, State Theatre Company of South Australia
Jamila Main, Actor and Playwright
Bettina Hamilton, Production Manager
More speakers to be confirmed.

12.45pm: Lunch

1.30pm: Reducing financial stress in times of hardship
What options are available for creatives to reduce financial stress in times of an employment desert or hardship? As creatives, financial booms and busts are part of our landscape. What options are there to reduce our financial stresses? How do creatives make informed financial decisions and plan for the future when recovering from a pandemic driven recession?
Speaker to be confirmed

2.30pm-2.45pm: Break

2.45pm-3.45pm: Meditation and Mindfulness
Mindfulness helps you build your resilience to stressful situations in life by training yourself to “meet stress” in a new light, using simple and effective practices, such as meditation. Mindfulness and Meditation can increase your resilience to stress and improve your overall health and wellbeing and it can be integrated into your daily life.
Speaker to be confirmed.

3.45 pm Close