Upcoming Events – NZ

26 May 2024 6:00 pm -

Christchurch Autumn Scene Group Season

A month long season of weekly scene groups is coming to you! Collaboratively run, democratic, no leader, participatory - just practice and encouragement. You will prepare and perform a scene for your peers and support each other to have fun and take risks. Positive, encouraging feedback only. A chance to improve your acting "fitness" or try out characters you think you'd never get cast for. 4 Sunday evenings in a row, 26 May -16 June. Ideally you can commit to all of them.
2 June 2024 3:00 pm -

Commercial Audition Technique Class

The audition process is such a time-pressured 15 minutes. Actors often come away feeling none the wiser, disempowered, and disillusioned. It can feel very random and uncertain. Casting director Eryn Wilson's goal with this class, is to be absolutely transparent with actors, so they know every part of the casting process and their role within that. He will share what’s important to a casting director and what isn’t, insights into the agent/casting director relationship; the actor/director relationship and what directors ACTUALLY care most about. You will also learn about his 10 stages all actors need to observe in order to put themselves in the top 20% of actors auditioning. It’s a no-stone-unturned approach, so actors feel empowered, knowledgable and confident going into their next audition.
18 June 2024 12:00 pm -

Auditioning Online with Micaeley Gibson (NZ auditors)

Dial in and learn - observe pairs of kiwi actors work with Australian casting director Micaeley Gibson. If you apply for this you will automatically get an observers spot (as long as you are an Equity NZ or MEAA member). You will receive an email with the zoom link details the day before the class.