Self Testing

The Self Test Project

Designed to challenge you as a performer, the Self Test Project emulates a self-test request with a quick turnaround. A chance to practice your audition and technical skills then receive feedback from top casting directors.

How it works

  • We receive more than 100 applications per month. If you are among the 20 randomly selected performers to participate for the month please make sure you can turn around the self-test within a week. If not, let us know immediately so someone else can take your spot.
  • Once chosen, participants are provided a script and given one week to film their self-test and supply a password-protected Vimeo link.
  • A casting director from Australia or the US views the self tests of the 20 chosen participants and provides individual feedback. The participating casting director is anonymous no further correspondence will be entered in to.
  • ALERT: We are now doing two Self Test Projects per month to keep you busy and skills-focused during this time, and to ensure more performers have a chance to participate in the Self Test Project. You can apply for both rounds but selection is via ballot.
  • The Self-Test Project is proudly supported by New Zealand Film Commission and Media Super.

Casting Directors

At any one time the casting directors involved in this project will include:

Nikki Barrett (AUS)
Kate Leonard (AUS)
Greg Apps (AUS)
Matt Skrobalak (USA)

Sara Isaacson (USA)
Daisy Hicks (AUS)
Anousha Zarkesh (AUS)
Alison Telford (AUS)

Christy Faison (USA)
Hannah Charlton (AUS)
David Newman (AUS)
Jami Rudofsky (USA)